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Lana Williams – Antigua

“Everything in life should be done in moderation, e.g. when you buy a large cake, don’t necessarily eat it in one sitting; instead eat half, take a nap, then return to eat the rest…..”

On September 5th 2013, I returned to the Institute of Culinary Education in New York to embark on another Baking and Pastry Arts journey.  This year I completed four courses: Croissant and Brioche, Cupcakes Unlimited, Pulled and Blown Sugar and One-week Wedding Cake Workshop. They were all very informative, intriguing and fun.

Lana-Williams-essay-pic2Chef Reeni Espino was the instructor for both my Croissant and Brioche; and Cupcakes Unlimited classes. I learned things about making cupcakes that I never knew about.  Even though the information learnt were just basic things, it was still new to me and I found that quite interesting.  When the time came for my croissant and brioche class I was ready to get started because it was actually my first time making either of these pastries.  I must say, there is A LOT of butter, and smashing it with a rolling pin, was involved in making the croissant; and also some folding – this is what created the layers in the baked croissant the process is called laminating.  With the brioche dough on the other hand, it was a bit stickier and didn’t require as much work as the croissant dough did.  Chef Kathryn Gordon led my sugar class.  Now, seeing sugar being pulled and blown on the television looks easy but, it’s a bit trickier when you actually do it.  The technique does require some practice in order to get really good at it.  My wedding cake workshop was led once again by Chef Toba Garrett who also was my instructor for my cake decorating classes last year.  It was a wonderful class and I was able to learn more techniques that will definitely be able to help me more with my cake decorating.

It was a joy returning to ICE this year and interacting with my new instructors as well as my previous ones.  And ALL of this would not have been possible without the assistance and support of the following:

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Education Foundation

  • Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Lana-Williams-essay-pic3
  • The Management and staff of the Curtain Bluff Resort
  • The Management and staff of the Institute of Culinary Education
  • To God, family and friends

Thank you once again, from your honored 2013 scholarship recipient,

Lana William