Haiti Recovery: Help Restore Lives Through Tourism

When the earthquake disaster struck Haiti ten years ago and Hurricane Matthew several years after, many of you responded to the call for help. And help you did. As a result, the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and the CHTA Education Foundation, working with Haiti’s hotel and tourism association, were able to help rebuild the nation’s Tourism and Hospitality Training Institute and trained 77 young Haitians to become chefs and managers in hotels.

Today, most of those you helped are top chefs and managers in hotels throughout Haiti, the Caribbean and worldwide. YOUR SUPPORT HELPED TO CHANGE LIVES!

Once again we need to respond to the call to support our tourism brothers and sisters. We know these are difficult times for many of us and invite you to do whatever you can and to ask your colleagues, guests and friends and lovers of Haiti and the Caribbean to heed to the call for help. No matter the amount, it will help us to make a difference.

Ten of Haiti’s hotels were damaged and the homes of many of their workers were destroyed during the recent earthquake. To get them back on their feet needs more than moral support which is why we launched this campaign to get our Caribbean brothers and sisters the tools they need to recover their lives and their livelihoods.

Money is by far the best way of ensuring local means are used for relief and recovery.

We will update you regularly to provide assurances that the support you provide is directed to those in need but you can help immediately by donating now.

Thank you for caring.

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