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OBMI shares that the luxury travel sector continues to experience unprecedented growth, it is also evolving to meet the demands of those fueling the boom. There have been several studies about a new breed of luxury travelers seeking personal transformation and growth from their travels. What can hotels, and the travel industry as a whole, do to help travelers enrich their inner lives while exploring outwardly? Findings suggest moving away from superfluous details of traditional luxury accommodations and refocusing on placemaking and transformative experiences can help capture the future ‘New Luxury’ hotel guests.

Create Spaces for Self-Reflection

Hotel designers are recognizing travelers need to connect with the natural kingdom and are focusing on creating more access to green spaces to boost wellness and inspire guests through nature. For the Waldorf Astoria Antigua, OBMI designed the architecture of luxury resort to embrace the lush island landscape. By developing a 5-acre national park and creating a series of natural ponds and waterways to be woven through the building clusters, visitors will be immersed in the tropical environment, allowing for many moments of reflection and discovery.

Connect with Community

At Hermitage Bay, travelers seeking a new perspective and unique experiences can engage with the community and learn about local farming practices. Whether guests want to go on a guided tour of a local farm or take culinary classes learning Caribbean recipes using Hermitage Bay’s organic garden from the resort’s chef, they will return home with a deeper appreciation and understanding for the island’s culture and the world they inhabit.

Revive A Storied Past

OBMI embraced the culture and history of Marigot Bay to create a uniquely transformative destination at Marigot Bay Resort. Through architecture that inspired by the rum distilleries of the Caribbean’s Colonial Era, OBMI created the resort’s Rum Cave, which is far more than just another bar; it’s a fascinating, experiential, and delectable history lesson. The cellar’s design provides the perfect setting for guests to expand their knowledge of regional rums through tasting classes in a space reminiscent of an authentic distillery.

Transformative travel, at its purest, shifts perspectives, unleashes imagination, inspires understanding and cultivates community, which in turn brings travelers personal fulfillment. By focusing on bringing transformative experiences to your property, like the examples outlined above, you can achieve the evolved concept of luxury travel at a lower price point than traditional luxury, thus opening up to a broader market and a better connection to the new breed of luxury traveler.

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