At Figment Design we love what we do. That’s what makes us different. Our passion for our craft leads us to welcome every project and give it our all. Our designers, digital marketers and social media gurus are all here to help your brand achieve its goal. No matter how big, or small.


Our work is our lifestyle – the travel and tourism industry is too.

The travel and tourism industry has always been part of Figment Design’s core. Our strategic partnership with CHTA and over 15+ years working with the industry has given our in-house team an invaluable know-how to help your brand reach its target audience with the best creative in the market and a comprehensive online marketing strategy.


We understand that every creative element of a travel brand should inspire potential guests to imagine themselves there and strengthen the desire of past guests to go back.

Our creative team is comprised of experts that will go above and beyond in every design from your logo to your website.


The digital world is constantly changing due to new technology, current events and other factors. Keeping up with these changes can be hard, but failing to do so can be detrimental to your business. That’s what our digital marketing experts are here for.

Our team will help you market to the right audience, to the right channels, at the right time through SEO, SEM, Web/Mobile Design and Social Media.


Our team understands the importance of not neglecting the tradition because of the new. We will create a holistic marketing strategy where digital and traditional marketing work hand in hand to position you as number one.

Our marketers are experts in all forms of traditional strategies from media buy and direct mail to packaging.


Now that your holistic marketing strategy is set, how will your guests continue their customer journey? That’s where a website that offers an eye-catching design with a user-friendly experience comes in.

Our web designers will help create a website that provides all of this and more to your past, current and potential guests who are looking to learn more about you.


Photography and video bring it all together. These visuals are the first thing potential guests will see about your brand, both online and offline. We understand the importance of ensuring every piece transports your customers to experience everything your brand has to offer.

Our Media services include Video/Photography, Aerial Video/Photography, Editing and Radio.


Online marketing is important, but so is your offline presence. Our printing services are designed to provide your business with anything from Commercial and Large Format printing to Digital and Trade Show.



We thrive on our client’s success. As helping you achieve your goals is the reason why we do what we do. For this reason, we are excited to share with you a quick preview of what we’ve been up to.