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(This information was sourced from individual destinations and is subject to change; please check with individual destinations on their policies.)

Country Name of the program Terms of the visas/permits How many applications have been submitted? How many people are working remotely through these new systems? Is it likely to continue as the pandemic, hopefully, recedes more? Any special collaboration between the governments and the hotels in developing and implementing these programs? Any other insight that will be helpful
Anguilla Work From Anguilla 91 days, 12-month Remote Work Visa 267+ 267+ The Government of Anguilla will confirm and advise of the decision moving forward. The Work From Anguilla program was launched in August 2020, and the program continues to attract digital nomads and families. There is no special collaboration that has been instituted; however several resorts offer special rates for long-stay visitors. Anguilla also has a large collection of villas and Airbnb properties at varying price points that are ideal for extended stays on island.
Aruba One Happy Workation Available to U.S. nationals with a valid passport and allows for participants to book their stay in Aruba for up to 90 days (rather than the usual 30 days for U.S. nationals). Must be employed by a company or be self-employed within your home country. No applications necessary. Since launching the program, more than 10,000 visitors have arrived for a workation in Aruba. 10,000 visitors accounted for so far, as of mid-June 2021. While the rise in workations initially appeared to be a trend among young professionals, there have been diverse participants, from solo travelers to families. There continues to be high interest in the workation offering, which will continue through 2021, especially as many Americans continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, and many digital nomads and families continue taking advantage of working from paradise. Yes, there was collaboration with hotel partners to create the One Happy Workation program. Visitors can enjoy special rates, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, all-inclusive food and beverage options and more. Aruba is also the first government in the world to accept CommonPass to ensure a seamless traveler experience.
Barbados Barbados Welcome Stamp The 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp, introduced on June 30, 2020, is a visa for a non-national who is employed in a country other than Barbados and who is a resident and employed by a company registered and operating outside of Barbados (not carrying on business in or from Barbados). Max 12 months renewable; individual fee US$2,000; family US$3,000; income of US$50,000 or more annually. As of May 31, 2021, the program

received 2,757 applicants.

At this time, an actual figure cannot be provided, however, Barbados has welcomed hundreds of welcome stampers to its shores. Barbados has remote workers from all of its major source markets on island, leading with the U.S., followed by the U.K., Canada and Ireland. The Welcome Stamp continues to form a part of the island’s overall marketing strategy. The Barbados Welcome Stamp program has been fulfilling its ultimate purpose, serving both the destination and visa recipients well. The program was developed by the government and embraced by the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association. Hotels have been working with their reps in the island’s source markets promoting the program. Application requirements:

Montserrat Remote Workers Stamp Visas are valid for up to one year with the following criteria:

  1. Applicant works for an employer that is registered in a foreign country and they have a contract of work with that employer; or
  2. Conducts business activity for a company that is registered in a foreign country and of which they are a partner/shareholder; or
  3. Offers freelance or consulting services mostly to clients, whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country, and with whom they have contracts; and
  4. Earns an annual income of US$70,000; and
  5. Has health insurance with valid Montserrat and COVID-19 coverage.
More than a dozen applications have been submitted to date (the program was launched on Feb. 1, 2021). 19 Yes. This is now a permanent visa option to visit Montserrat. The Government of Montserrat collaborated with the accommodations sector when designing the program. Most of

Montserrat’s tourist accommodations are in the villa category and stakeholder input was crucial in determining the length of stay threshold.

Information about the program and the application process is available online at

Visa approval takes up to seven business days once the application fees have been processed. Application fees are US$500 for individuals and US$750 for families.

Guests visiting Montserrat to work remotely must quarantine at their accommodation for five days if they are vaccinated (both jabs of a two-course vaccine or one jab of a one-course vaccine), or 14 days if they are unvaccinated. Villa managers are accommodating and would arrange for the delivery of groceries or other necessities during the quarantine period.

Why Montserrat?

  1. very low COVID-19 infection rate; no positive cases since February 2021;
  2. Montserrat has been identified as one of the safest islands in the Caribbean;
  3. guests who choose to work there remotely will be able to import their personal and employee-related belongings duty free and are exempt from Montserrat Corporate Tax; (iv) all children under the age of 16 are eligible to receive free face-to-face education at government schools.


Country Name of the program Terms of the visas/permits Source Link
Antigua & Barbuda Nomad Digital Residence (NDR) Visa Eligible persons will be granted a special-resident authorization that will be valid for up to two years in the first instance.

  • Evidence that the non-refundable fee was paid in respect of each applicant.
  • Evidence of employment, including self-employment.
  • A declaration by the main applicant, certifying (a) expected income of no less than US$50,000 or the equivalent in other currencies, for each year of the two years in Antigua, and (b) that he/she has the means to support himself/herself and accompanying dependents during their stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

Applicable fees and how to pay:

A non-refundable NDR visa fee is payable with the application. The fees are:

Single applicant: US$1,500 Couple: US$2,000

Family of three and over: US$3,000
Bermuda Work from Bermuda Certificate The policy will be effective from August 1, 2020. The 12-month time period begins on the date the Work from Bermuda Certificate is issued. The cost is US$263. You must:

  • be at least 18 years old and pay the application fee.
  • not have been convicted of a crime in Bermuda or elsewhere.
  • possess valid health insurance coverage.
  • demonstrate employment with a legitimate company or your own company registered and operating outside of Bermuda, in the case of a remote worker.
  • provide evidence of enrollment in a research, undergraduate, graduate or doctorate program, in the case of a student.
  • have substantial means and/or have a continuous source of annual income.

The turnaround time is five business days. If you submitted an application in advance and received the Work from Bermuda Certificate, you will land as a resident because you will have your supporting documentation. Anyone who has not yet applied, or has not received an approval, will need to land as a visitor.

It is renewable on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee of renewal and it is not automatic; a new application must be submitted. Those who require a period longer than 12 months must apply for a standard residential certificate.
Cayman Global Citizen Certificate (GCC) There is a 7 percent application fee accrued when you send in your application. When granted the GCC, there is flexibility with the program. You are able to come to Cayman, stay for a bit and then go back home. However, you must stay for a total of 90 days within the two-year period. This flexibility of movement gives the GCC a comparative advantage over other programs.

Proof of employment and/or income:

Applicant must make a minimum income of US$100,000 annually, if applying as an individual.

Applicant must make a minimum income of US$150,000 annually, if applying with an accompanying spouse/civil partner.

Applicant must make a minimum income of US$180,000 annually, if applying with an accompanying spouse/civil partner and/or dependent(s). Applicant must make a minimum income of US$180,000 annually, if applying with an accompanying dependent(s).

Proof of legal existence of employer/company.

Complete the application form at
Curaçao @Home in Curaçao Total costs per application are ANG 535 (US$299). The application will take about two weeks to process. Permit grants maximum of one year. To be eligible, you must prove that you can work location-independently using telecommunications technologies. In addition, you will need to prove that you fit under any one of the three following categories:

  • You work for an employer registered in a foreign country and you have a contract with that employer;
  • You conduct business activity for a company that is registered in a foreign country and of which you are a partner/shareholder;
  • You offer freelance or consulting services to clients, whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country, and with whom you have contracts.

It is not permitted to work or be employed for a local company/employer when you are applying. It is also not permitted to work for a local company/employer once your temporary permit is successful. Families can apply under this program. There is no family bundle fee. Family members need to apply under the main applicant (main provider). Each family member 12 years and older has to sign their application as indicated on the form. You can travel in and out of Curaçao any time during your stay within the length/period of approval of your application.
Dominica Work in Nature (WIN) The visa is up to 18 months. As U.S. citizens, people can come to “wet their feet” as they are not required to have a visitor’s visa to enter. They can apply for a WIN visa to carry out their remote work while on island. Start Date: March 2021

Cost: US$800 for singles; US$1,200 for families; One business, multiple applicants: US$800 plus US$500 for each additional employee for a business applying for four or more employees; Non-refundable application fee of US$100.

Income: Need annual salary of $50,000 or have other means of support.
Grenada Remote Employment Act One-year visa. Interested applicants will be required to:

  • Provide evidence of a passport that is valid for the period for which the remote-work permit is intended to apply.
  • Provide proof of the grant or application for a visa, if a visa is required.
  • Provide proof of an actual annual income of not less than EC$100,000 (US$37,000) generated outside of Grenada, and proof that the actual income is intended to continue for the period for which the remote-work permit is intended to apply.
  • Provide proof of a health insurance policy valid for the period for which the remote-work permit is intended to apply.
  • Provide a police certificate.
  • Payment of the individual application fee of US$1,500.
The Bahamas Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay Approval can take up to five days, at which point applicants will receive an email for payment. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation QR Code to show upon entry into The Bahamas. Length of Permit: One year.

If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an email for payment. Work Remotely permits are $1,000 for the head of household and US$500 for each dependent. Study Remotely permits are US$500 for each applicant. Permit application fee of US$25 will also be collected once approved. All fees quoted are in Bahamian currency. After successful payment is received, the applicant will receive a confirmation QR code to show upon arrival to The Bahamas.