BHTA is Diving into Food

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BHTA is Diving into Food

Written by Bonair Hotel and Tourism Association

Bonaire is the island where divers find their piece of paradise on earth. However, those dedicated divers are beginning to discover another side of Bonaire’s magic: the culinary side! When diving into the culinary experiences Bonaire can offer you, you can see a wide diversity of cuisines. Bonaire has it all; local / traditional, international, Italian, Japanese, American, Spanish and French cuisines.

Trends in Food & Beverages Bonaire

The rich history of the little island of Bonaire contributes to the diversity in local and traditional cuisines. Influences from South America, Africa and Europe have created a Krioyo Cuisine on Bonaire!

With creative minds, restaurants are turning the traditional Krioyo food into culinary treats for the eye and the taste buds. Wooden platters in the shape of Bonaire, accompanied by Klein Bonaire, are decorated with sumptuous foods that represent the natural elements on the island.

Innovations can be seen in dishes with tamarind, cactus or iguana. And when you get that or a fresh lion fish served from a food truck on one of the white sand or musical pebble beaches; you know that Bonaire is a paradise for everyone!

Events in Food & Beverages Bonaire

Mangazina di Rei: Nos Zjilea Cultural Event

Mangazina di Rei’s Nos Zjilea is a local cultural market that shows a fushion of local arts & crafts, plants & vegetables, educational presentations and music in the open-air.

Taste of Bonaire

This event lets you see, feel and taste the culture and cuisine of Bonaire. With both local and international food, visitors can expect a surprise for the taste buds!

Bonaire Blond Restaurantweek

A local beer brand of Bonaire organizes a restaurant week to make it possible for people to have a great deal for a culinary experience and discover new restaurants on Bonaire!

Antillean Wine & Food Company’s monthly wine tasting

This monthly event, allows tourists and locals to taste the Antillean wines and have a wonderful experience for tasting the wines for the first time.  

Competitions Food & Beverages Bonaire

Bonaire’s very own Culinary Team joins the ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ in Miami. Months before the start of the competition, the team is training their flavoring and cooking techniques. With gold in their mind, they focus as they train full power for the competition in Miami.