CHTA’s Commitment
What is CAST?
CAST (Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism) serves as an initiative of CHTA to provide tourism enterprises with sustainability resources, best practices and work alongside CHTA committees to provide support for the advocacy of sustainable advances within the hotel and tourism sector of the Caribbean.

Founded in 1997, CAST has a longstanding history of providing guidance and expertise in awareness raising programs, environmental management systems and best practices in accordance with the goals to achieve responsible environmental and social management of natural and heritage resources, within the hotel and tourism sector. CAST now newly reconvened, continues its presence throughout the region to serve as resource for sustainable tourism and awareness.
The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST), a CHTA initiative founded in 1997, empowers tourism businesses with sustainability resources and best practices.

CAST collaborates with CHTA committees to advocate for eco-friendly practices and responsible management within the Caribbean's hotel and tourism industry.