Caribbean Spring Break, Family Style: Sojern Data Insights

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Caribbean Spring Break, Family Style: Sojern Data Insights

Written by Richard Black, SOJERN
Spring Break certainly conjures up a variety of thoughts depending on where you are in life.  As you take a moment to reminisce about that right of passage college journey to the beach—pause. Sorry, but this journey and data is all about Spring Break for families. Many Caribbean destinations deliver paint and brush to create an incredible canvass of family memories. To that end, we looked at “Family Spring Breakers”—groups of 3 or more from the US—and studied their flight searches into the Caribbean departing between March 5th and April 5th, 2016. Here’s some of the most interesting, family-friendly data points:

Family traveler profile
In general, families are coming from large metros—NYC, Chicago, and Miami all take the top three positions. Family stay largely matches the school calendar with 73% of families looking for a 4-7 day visit.

Family destination favorites
The top ten destinations for families looking to travel to the Caribbean during Spring Break are:

While single flyers hold the top position with 60% of all Caribbean searches, almost 1 in 5 searches are for family trips. If you zoom even closer into specific Caribbean destinations and party sizes, you can see different degrees of family travel. For example, although the Cayman Islands ranks only 9th for family travelers, a quarter of all searched flights to the area are made by families. The data is clear: though single travelers are hot on spending Spring Break in the Caribbean, families are certainly warm to the idea.

This creates a seasonal incremental opportunity for marketers to maximize. Companies like Sojern are available to help marketers understand and capitalize on this big data—drop us a line via our website form with any questions related to your particular destination. For all you marketers, when data talks I would recommend a listen.