CHIEF’s Virtual Exchange Hub Promotes Hospitality Innovations

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CHIEF’s Virtual Exchange Hub Promotes Hospitality Innovations

CHTA’s Caribbean Hospitality Industry and Exchange Forum (CHIEF) brought together key players in the hospitality and tourism industry throughout the Caribbean to enhance their sustainability and profitability. This year’s CHIEF featured 38 companies showcasing products and services catered to the hospitality industry. Out of the 38 exhibitors 19 participated in a new featured benefit offered exclusively to CHIEF exhibitors, called the Virtual Exchange Hub.

Exhibitors were offered the opportunity to record a brief introductory video about how their company can help CHTA members improve their business. These videos will be shared with CHTA members who may have missed an opportunity to meet the exhibitors at CHIEF and wish to benefit from their products and services. The Virtual Exchange Hub will be available on the CHIEF website the first week of August.

Virtual Exchange Hub Companies by Category

Sustainability, Wellness & Education

  • SportsArt aims to maximize a hotel’s profitability and sustainability through Exercise Equipment.
  • Caribbean Wellness and Education, works to promote spa development throughout the Caribbean. Caribbean Wellness and Education is holding an annual event for spa and wellness professionals this November!
  • Wineschool3, wants to ensure hotels have a knowledgeable staff working at the bar. Confidence and knowledge are driving forces for sales in the bartending field, and Wineschool3 supplies training which can enhance each to the bartender.
  • Green Globe provides guidance to properties in maximizing sustainability through programing and practice application. Green Globe members improve performance yearly and help set global standards for environmental care.

Branding and Business Intelligence

  • Oracle Caribbean provides property management systems for day-to-day operations such as front desk, housekeeping management, and reservation management. Oracle also provides Micros Point of Sale which specializes in restaurants operations.
  • STR provides data and conducts market research for the hospitality industry. The reports STR provide gives hoteliers concrete understanding of their performance in comparison to market competitors.
  • Rich Tuckwell-Skuda talks about AVVIO being Europe’s leading hotel booking engine, and how the company guarantees clients a twenty-five percent increase in revenue or clients don’t pay.
  • TravelClick offers products which contain Customer Relationship Management Systems, Booking Engines, Channel Engines, and more all designed to maximize a hotel’s revenue.
  • Proforma Mega Marketing Solutions, specializes in branding and promotion. Proforma Mega Marketing Solutions has strong exporting operations; ensuring products get to Caribbean destinations.
  • to found a way to embrace your guest’s love for your hotel and turning them into marketable story tellers, with the main goal of increasing the marketability of your property.

Textiles, Toiletries, Cleaning Supplies and Appliances

  • Sigmatex Lanier Textiles is focusing on doubling their market for Caribbean islands! Manish Bhandari, Director of Business Development, spent CHIEF promoting the Sigmatex signature linen brand – Royal Crest.
  • Ed Weitz with Ed Weitz Inc. received an award for CHTA’s 2017 Allied of Year. Ed Weitz Inc. supplies stability to hoteliers with products ranging from fabrics to window cleaners.
    Standard Textiles manufactures Linens such as sheets, towels, and draperies.
  • La Bottega provides luxury toiletries and amenities to hotels! La Bottega elevates the guest experience through Cosmetics, Accessories, and Textiles creating synergy between brands and hotels.
  • Hoteliers looking to renovate their bathrooms can reach out to Oceania Baths.
  • Daikin creates solutions for customers in over 150 countries. Daikin provides high-end air conditioning technology to establishments in diverse climates with limited resources.
  • Lodging Technologies provide energy saving methods through air conditioning. Lodging Technologies developed a sensor which adjusts air conditioning levels of a room depending on whether the guest is in the room or not.
  • Atlas Graham Furgale, Canada’s largest manufacturing and distributing company of manual cleaning supplies, offers a product line of biodegradable and environmentally friendly supplies.
  • Golf Ventures products create Caribbean hospitality solutions through a range of chemical and fertilization products. Their Sprinkler Magician is an all-natural toxin-free mosquito repellent created to combat Zika.

If you are interested in contacting any of CHTA’s Allied members you may do so by accessing CHTA’s Member Portal by clicking here. If you have any questions about how to contact vendors or any membership related questions, please send an email to

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