CHTA Launches Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day

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CHTA Launches Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day

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New Addition to Caribbean Travel Marketplace Conference is Dedicated to Sustainable Tourism in Jamaica

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl. (April 15, 2024) – The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) will launch the inaugural Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day during this year’s Caribbean Travel Marketplace, set to take place on Thursday, May 23 in Jamaica. These groundbreaking activities are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism development with a special focus on giving back to local communities in Jamaica.

“I am truly excited about this year’s inaugural Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day,” said Nicola Madden-Greig, President of CHTA, who added it is a further step in the association’s focus to transform its annual trade show. The president explained that in 2022 CHTA debuted the Caribbean Travel Forum, focusing on the business of tourism, and this new event allows the industry to work together on sustainable initiatives: “Delegates can build relationships that lead to more integrated and cooperative approaches to tourism development, which includes environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial, and culturally respectful practices in the travel industry.”
Marketplace Responsible Tourism Day will bring together delegates from various sectors such as tourism professionals, government representatives, the media, and other travel industry stakeholders. They will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and make a positive impact on the local communities while fostering sustainable tourism practices.
The day’s activities include:

  • Agricultural Linkages with Tourism: Participants will visit Croydon Estate, a key supplier of fruits and vegetables for the tourism industry. Activities will include planting fruit trees, harvesting crops, and learning about sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Climate Change and Tourism: Delegates will take part in a Beach Cleanup activity and educational tour at the Montego Bay Marine Park. This initiative focuses on conserving and restoring coastal resources for the sustainable benefit of traditional users, the community, and the nation.
  • Community and Tourism: Participants will visit the SOS Children’s Village in Barrett Town, where they will assist in painting, carpentry repairs, and the creation of a village farming project. Delegates are encouraged to bring clothing, tablets and school supplies for the children of the village.

The event will contribute positively to the host community and serve as a valuable platform for learning, collaboration and commitment to sustainable tourism practices, aligning with global trends towards more responsible travel.
Madden-Greig added: “Our communities and people are our secret sauce to success in the Caribbean. Being able to contribute to their growth and development in a meaningful way is paramount. We strongly encourage all delegates to sign up for this initiative and truly make a difference.”

Caribbean Travel Marketplace, to be held May 20-23 in Montego Bay, is the premier event for connecting suppliers of Caribbean travel products and services with global buyers. This year’s event promises to be a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration and highlighting the diverse offerings of the Caribbean hospitality and tourism sector.
To learn more and register for the event, visit

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