Cover to Cover: Create a Lasting Impression

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Cover to Cover: Create a Lasting Impression

Written by StarGroup International

Since 1455, printed books have told stories, shared knowledge, inspired readers, and fueled imagination.  Even in today’s digital world, books have an appeal and credibility that cannot be equaled.

As marketing initiatives and technologies become more advanced, reliant on algorithms and AI (artificial intelligence); traditional forms of communication and interpersonal connection, are often overlooked when developing a brand.

Books remain a powerful and meaningful communication tool.  A book has uniqueness and depth that is juxtaposed with social media sound bites and fleeting images of momentary relevance.   Social media has become an important part in the overall marketing strategy, but its life span and purpose differ from a book.

Researchers and marketers have found that experiences or products that employ multiple senses and are subliminal rather than overt, are more memorable and influential with consumers of all ages. In the case of books vs. webpages and ebooks, recent studies have shown that memory retention is enhanced by the multi-sensory look, feel, and smell of a book, eliciting an emotional and visceral attachment.

Establishing a connection and building emotional equity in a relationship with your customers increases the likelihood that they will return, as well as influence their social network when choosing a getaway.   Destination books are often shared or gifted to friends and family contemplating a trip, or in the case of a destination wedding or other significant event, a book serves as a keepsake of personal memories.

A book denotes permanence, credibility, and longevity.  It creates an opportunity to showcase the beauty of a location, its local flavor and culture, history, and the attributes that make a destination unique, it helps clarify the brand and solidify the vision for the company and its staff.  To commit something to a written page requires a vision, contemplation, and a commitment to your brand.  It becomes your story, an invitation, a gift.

The concept of utilizing books as a marketing tool comes from a place of sharing.  A souvenir gift replaces a sales-driven “ask”, adding an unexpected positive experience to the traveler’s journey and brand interaction, which is crucial to the success and proliferation of your product.

In a time when technology has enhanced yet infiltrated nearly all of our daily activities, unplugging on a beautiful Caribbean beach with a good book might be a perfect plan.

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