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Data Driven Decisions

Written by ADARA
Thanks to the increased availability and understanding of data, CHTA members can now directly reach travelers they know are traveling to different parts of the region – reaching them when they are most likely to book hotels, or when they’re online, looking for news and information.

The  infographic shown here  can provide a wealth of information and insight to help you not only drive your business, but also better serve families that may visit your destination. Travelers have a complex decision path, which potentially involves multiple steps in planning even a single trip.

Variables include which sites and apps consumers visit to book air, hotel, and ground transport; what prices they will accept, or reject, and in what timeframe; how long they choose to extend the booking window; which offers they accept in planning activities and itineraries – and going to their social networks to get recommendations and points of view on the most desirable destinations. Even whether they might extend a trip in response to a specific kind of offer.

Each of these decisions generates huge quantities of data; the key issue is how to harness it to engage travelers at key decision points. For the Caribbean, results of a recent study from ADARA, the global travel data platform, reveal that Cancun leads the region for family travelers (28%), followed closely by San Juan (23%); that couples travel peaks during August and September at 29%; that family travel peaks in July (19%), and solo travel peaks in January at 65% (based on monthly share of hotel bookings).

On the basis of this kind of that kind of insight, your destination might increase its emphasis on marketing to families at a certain time of year, to supplement the couples or solo travelers that are already visiting during that time; shift marketing dollars to try to attract families you know are already visiting Cancun, to encourage them add on an additional regional excursion; or even re-think the importance of family travel at one season or another. Understanding and using the data available could make a significant impact on your business – and your ability to better serve families who are planning to visit your destination.

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