Empowering Haitian Youth: CHTA Education Foundation and Curtain Bluff Kick Off New Spoken English Program for Hospitality Careers

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Empowering Haitian Youth: CHTA Education Foundation and Curtain Bluff Kick Off New Spoken English Program for Hospitality Careers

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (May 3, 2024) – The commitment to foster educational opportunities in Haiti received a significant boost as the CHTA Education Foundation (CHTAEF) and sponsor Curtain Bluff are once again collaborating with École Hôtelière d’Haiti to launch a new cohort of the Spoken Hospitality English Course. With 30 enthusiastic students joining the program on April 29, 2024, the initiative aims to empower Haitian youth with essential language skills vital for thriving in the hospitality sector.

The students are all in their final year at École Hôtelière d’Haiti completing certification in Hospitality Management (20) and Culinary Arts (10).

Despite political challenges in Haiti, the students are ready to learn English as a pathway to jobs in the hospitality sector, shared Sandra Fleurantin, Educational Coordinator at École Hôtelière d’Haiti. “Last year’s experience was very helpful for our students. The students face a lot of difficulty, but they know it’s an opportunity they can’t miss. They are making the sacrifice to finish this goal.”

Delivered by Nexus Professional Development Institute, the four-month course endeavors to equip participants with the linguistic proficiency vital for success in Haiti’s burgeoning tourism sector. Head of Nexus Bapthol Joseph, shared his personal motto which is “Never Give Up.” He encouraged the students to “make mistakes and have fun. Thank you for trusting us with this worthwhile endeavor.”

“Your aspirations inspire us all. Thank you to Nexus for their commitment to delivering the training in the best and safest way,” remarked Chairperson of the Education Foundation, Karolin Troubetzkoy. She also expressed her thanks to Curtain Bluff for their continued support of the program in memory of the late owner, Chelle Hulford who was an active supporter of Haitian hospitality students for decades.

Norma Holder, Financial Controller at Curtain Bluff told the gathering that the resort has established a mandate to partner and support the Education Foundation’s Spoken Hospitality English course as it was critical to the further development of young men and women in the tourism industry” “On behalf of Curtain Bluff, we want to thank the Education Foundation, École Hôtelière d’Haiti, and the ministers of government in Haiti who assist with this worthwhile program.”

Karine Condé-Emeran, École Hôtelière d’Haiti Director, said it was a great opportunity for their school to be able to host the program for a second year. “With everything that has been happening in Haiti, coming from a lot of different zones with gang influence, speaking another language is an adventure and opening new opportunities for them. You are changing lives.”

Director Condé-Emeran added that they have “learned from last year’s experience how to improve the delivery of the course. Sometimes Haiti can discourage you but thank you to Mr. Bapthol and the Education Foundation for trusting our school and staff.”

Haiti’s Minister of Tourism, Cassandra Francois, who proudly boasts of being a former student in the Spoken Hospitality English course said this was not the first collaboration of the various entities and it won’t be the last. She challenged the students to “pursue their dreams. Don’t be afraid to talk [English} and challenge yourself. Ask for help.”

The CHTAEF‘s Spoken Hospitality English Course is a pivotal initiative in bolstering Haiti’s tourism landscape and nurturing a skilled workforce ready to excel globally. With the launch of the new cohort, the foundation remains steadfast in its mission to empower the next generation of hospitality professionals in Haiti.

The CHTA Education Foundation is the leading provider of quality training for hospitality professionals across the Caribbean. Learn more about the Education Foundation, its scholarships and training programs at

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