Exciting New Educational Sessions for F&B Professionals

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Exciting New Educational Sessions for F&B Professionals

This year’s Taste of the Caribbean will bring innovative and exciting created for educational sessions for food and beverage professionals that promise to enhance individual skills and boost the bottom line. The hospitality industry is a highly guest service–oriented business where encounters between employees and guests determine the success of the business. Nowhere is this truer than in the food & beverage department, where the guests’ well being and overall satisfaction hinges on this team of professionals.

Taste’s educational sessions will provide F&B professionals with updates on the industry’s hottest trends, culinary techniques and the following takeaways:

  • New styles of service and presentation, to keep your business on the cusp of culinary trends
  • Ways to create nutritionally and economically sound meals
  • A boost of individual creativity
  • An opportunity to showcase your team’s skills and techniques

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