Families Clamor to the Caribbean for the Holidays

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Families Clamor to the Caribbean for the Holidays

By Catlyn Origitano, Sojern

We may not want to admit it, but it’s time to look forward to the holidays and the burst of travel that comes with it. In order to take the temperature on Caribbean holiday travel, we here at Sojern looked forward to December travel planning from the US to the Caribbean, focusing in on family travel.

Top timing trends
When it comes time for getting away, the most popular departure dates for families include December 23, 22, 24, and 17. It looks like, then, families are looking to celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean this year. The most popular trip duration for these trips is 6-11 days, with 54% of families booking trips for this duration. With kids out of school, families can afford to enjoy long getaways.

Markets making a splash
We also focused in the origin markets and destinations with the highest share of family travel:

Top Origin Markets with the Highest Share of Family Travel to the Caribbean
1. Pennsylvania
2. Illinois
3. North Carolina
4. Texas
5. Michigan

Top Destinations with the Highest Share of Family Travel to the Caribbean
1. Bahamas
2. US Virgin Islands
3. Turks & Caicos Islands
4. Aruba
5. Cayman Islands

Turning insights into action
If you’re a Caribbean travel marketer looking to capture family travelers this holiday season consider creating campaigns based on these insights. For example, Pennsylvania might not be on your list of markets to target since it’s not the largest market going to the Caribbean—that’s Florida—but knowing that Pennsylvania has such a high share of family travelers means you need to be marketing to them.

Looking for more insights into US travel to the Caribbean? Our latest Florida report is live and chock full of takeaways for travel marketers. Using insights about your top markets and how they plan their travel to the Caribbean promises a holiday season full of good tidings and good travel.

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