Family Travel is part of Weddings

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Family Travel is part of Weddings

For many families, the only time a reunion occurs is when there is a wedding. For Caribbean hotels, this is a golden opportunity. Destination weddings are often more affordable than hometown weddings. In 2015, according to TheKnot, the average cost of a hometown wedding was $30,000. Caribbean hotels have a unique selling opportunity – to save the wedding couple money, to help coordinate a family reunion in a desirable location, and of course – for the hotel – increase a booking from one room to multiple rooms.

The pressure on engaged couples to please everyone can be overwhelming,” stated Hilary Lanzer of AskMeInc, a Florida based hospitality solutions company that specializes in destination weddings. “If a hotel makes their life easier and provides ways to satisfy just about everyone’s needs in the group – then there is a greater chance that the couple will book your hotel.” Lanzer suggests offering weekend and weeklong itineraries sharing tips on what groups can do, where to explore, what attractions to see and fun facts about the destination. The more you organize options and share tips, the easier you are making it for the couple to say yes to your hotel.

Lanzer also reminds hotels that it is more than just the couple who are looking at your hotel. “All the potential guests, from friends to family, will look at your website, social media and your TripAdvisor reviews and responses,” said Lanzer, “So when managing all these elements, ensure that you think of all your audiences, not just the wedding couple.

While the amount of work to better market to couples AND their families may take time and investment, remember that the effort can turn one room into multiple rooms, resulting in more profits for your hotel.