How Well Are You Curating the Guest’s Story?

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How Well Are You Curating the Guest’s Story?

Casey Corser, Agilysys, Inc.

What makes a trip memorable for guests? What makes it a lasting memory? Is it the same things that make your resort stand out?

More than just a destination, Caribbean resorts set a standard for world-class golf, renowned spas, historical sites, unique dining and unprecedented service. Each of these experiences add up to create a singular impression that becomes the guest’s story. It’s a story that gets shared on social sites, and with friends and family during the weeks and months after their stay. Influencing that story is easier than you might think. Here’s how:

Our most important discoveries about guests come from our interactions with them. Whether front desk, concierge, valet or servers, staff must be ready to share events, amenities, services and more to pique a guest’s interest. Make it your mission to interact with guests at every opportunity. Find ways to let them know they made the right decision to stay at your resort. It brings the guest closer to your brand and helps create a level of comfort that’s an important part of the guest’s story.

The way your resort engages guests affects their story significantly. It’s true, no matter where they are in the world and how excited they are to explore new destinations, guests naturally gravitate to what’s most comfortable.

Customizing the way your staff engages with guests makes their stay more meaningful. Behind the scenes, the technology gives you all the details required to execute the perfect guest experience, and in ways that are seamless for staff and guests alike. Guest profile data, such as birthdays, anniversaries, preferences and even historical purchases, help you curate that personalized guest engagement.

Understanding this, and leveraging the data, helps create an outline for the guest’s story. All good adventures come with stories, and this is where exceptional service combined with next-generation technology help you write the narrative.