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Mastercard Advisors and CHTA have partnered to bring to you three unique solutions that will grow your  business by understanding  travelers spend behavior

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    Destination Insights Report (40% Discount)Audience ReportCustomer Data Enhancement Report


    Mastercard - Destination Insights

    Leverage actionable insights to drive growth by understanding travel spend dynamics in your market. The Destination Insights Report is an aggregated analysis of a Destination Market’s origination of tourism spending, including a spending profile for each identified Origination countries.

    What will I get out of it?

    • Insights on the origination of tourism spend to optimize media spend and media planning, city planning and development
    • Trends/changes in tourism spend in the market and drivers of spend over time
    • Better understanding of the market for travel spend prior to brick & mortar expansion in a new market


    Mastercard - Audiences

    Audiences offers a methodology that identifies audience segments with higher statically probability to purchase within a define category.  Gain insights into transaction-based audience segments for targeting by merchants and agencies. Digital Audiences are sold through online ad networks and data exchanges, and are available in Digital, Social, Email and DM channels.

    What will I get out of it?

    • A way for media buyers who place ads on behalf of merchants or advertisers to reach likely purchasers with greater efficiency
    • A more targeted approach to targeting through email and DM – reach an audience in the market for a specific buying behavior


    Mastercard - Customer Data Enhancement

    Customer Data Enhancement enriches a merchant customer file with 360° purchase and behavioral insights providing a clearer picture of a merchant’s customer loyalty, behavior and upside potential. The merchant provides necessary anonymized transaction & store location information to Mastercard. Mastercard then runs Inferred Matching Methodology (IMM) to link customer data to Mastercard data warehouse and applies purchase insights.

    What will I get out of it?

    • Amplify your marketing by infusing customized MasterCard data-driven decision making metrics appended directly to your customer file to boost performance of your omni-channel marketing effectiveness via your own marketing systems or via MasterCard’s turn-key marketing capability solutions.