Minority Chef Summit Taking Place This Week in BVI

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Minority Chef Summit Taking Place This Week in BVI

Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) is set to become a culinary think tank on May 18-22 with the introduction of the first-ever Minority Chef Summit in the BVI. This four-day event organized by dynamic husband and wife culinary duo, Chefs Neil & Erika Cline, will showcase the talent and creativity of some of the leading professionals in the food and beverage industry worldwide. Slated to be held at various locations throughout the BVI and headquartered at the BVI’s International Arbitration Centre, the summit will be a think tank for the 22 international chefs and 20 local (BVI) chefs.

Chef Erika Cline, Chocolatier and Creative Director for Bleu Chocolat in Tortola, BVI, and a highly celebrated chef within the culinary field founded the Minority Chef Summit. Having been in the chocolate-making industry for over 28 years, and recognized as one of the United States’ top chefs, she has received many noteworthy commendations, which include:

  • First black woman to receive Detroit’s Chef of the Month
  • Featured in countless culinary magazines and invitational culinary events
  • One of the first chefs to appear on “Top Chef Just Desserts” by Bravo
  • One of the new faces of “Sunday Dinner” with Publix Grocery Stores in five U.S. states.
  • Chocolatier Ambassador of Cocoa Barry Chocolates

Co-organizer Chef Neil D. Cline, of Vibes Hospitality Ltd. and the Director of H. Lavitity Stoutt Community College Culinary Centre, believes in culinary education and giving future culinarians the foundation to be successful in the Caribbean culinary industry.  Neil has his Masters in Hospitality Management from The Baltimore International College, and for the last 24 years he has been an educator in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.   As the Chef and Owner of De Loose Mongoose Restaurant and Beef Island Guesthouse, every season, Chef Neil rolls out with a new exciting menu along with great live entertainment that brings in guests from all over the world.   Chef Cline has a full plate as an educator, restaurateur, and consultant. The Minority Chef Summit 2017 has been made possible through the assistance and support of Vibes Hospitality Ltd., Supa Valu, Guana Island, James Beard Foundation, DHL, EMCs, Mine Shaft Restaurant and The BVI Tourism Board.