Pulling From Your Hotel’s Design To Weave A Better Story

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Pulling From Your Hotel’s Design To Weave A Better Story

By OBM International

Today’s travelers expect a hotel experience to be much more sophisticated than seen years ago. They are looking to collect authentic experiences, not just a place to rest their head. When hoteliers are genuinely successful, they have created a destination that presents guests with the opportunity to have a transformative experience. So how do hoteliers ensure guests return home feeling that their life has been changed and enriched in some way through their travel experience? It starts with operators and designers working together to create a deeper meaning for the guest’s stay.

Connecting with humanity and nature are now at the top of travelers’ checklists. Designing the hotel’s architectural style to reflect the local traditions, while relying on local building materials and craftsmanship, is a great way to provide guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic environment. Once the stage is created, it’s up to operators to bring the experiences to life. Below are a few ways OBMI’s clients have used their authentic designs to weave a better story and provide guests with transformative experiences:

• The Rum Cave of Capella Marigot Bay was designed to offer guests with a space to experience the spirit of the island through the discovery of local rum flavors. From the sugar cane plantations to the exotic bottles behind the bar, guests can learn about the journey of rum making from staff experts in an intimate and authentic setting.

• Paying homage to the new Jungle Bay Luxury Eco Villas’ site a former lime plantation, the resort’s master plan provides guests with ample hiking options within the rainforest, including a trail where they will see an old cableway or “coulees” used by local villagers to transport their lime harvest over the mountain ridge.

• At Hermitage Bay Resort, the architecture of the villas was designed to integrate seamlessly with the natural environment, leaving a minimum footprint on the land. With passive design principles incorporated into each villa and amenities like private outdoor showers, the user can peacefully connect with Antigua’s native landscape.

Hotel operators become the players on the physical stage of their properties by creating and guiding the programming for transformative experiences within the enhanced setting. An excellent way for a hotelier to ensure the vision of the design is operationally functional is to appoint an operational specialist to work with the development team. Guidance from the operational specialist during the planning process will also help ensure your team understands the story behind the design, as well as the intended use of each space.

What exciting design details are you sharing with your guests who visit your hotel? Working with a knowledgeable architect can help you understand what features can be enhanced at your property to ensure your design and story pays tribute to the authentic culture, nature, and heritage of your specific site, providing guests with the most opportunities for a transformative experience.