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Summer Spirits – Drinking in History

Written by Emmanuella Owens, Jamaica Inn

Jamaica’s rich culinary history extends itself to our varied and flavorful rum styles such as dark, red and white, each with their own unique characteristics. The Island boasts many well-known rum distilleries including Appleton, Myers, and Worthy Park, just to name a few. Jamaica rum production originated with sugar planters in the 17th century who crushed the sugar cane, boiled the resulting juices, and then left the boiled syrup to cure in clay pots. This was then followed by a fermentation and distillation processes. Many have tried to mimic the rich taste of Jamaican rums but to those who value the authentic flavors and vintages produced by our Master Blenders, counterfeits hold no value. Here is a highlight of our most famous rum mixes that give a taste of true Jamaican flavour.

Appleton Special known as the ‘Bartender’s Best Friend’ has a smooth consistency and can work with just about any chaser. It’s fondly referred to as the ‘Bob Marley of Rums’ because it’s known and respected all over the world. If you’re looking for a refreshing rum drink, we highly recommend Worthy Park Gold with ginger beer over ice otherwise known as the Dark and Stormy.

Myers’s Rum was one of the first rums produced in Jamaica and has been around since 1879. It’s said that during the height of the sugarcane era, the workers would use the ingredients they had left available to them and came up with the “planters” rum for their own consumption. This dark rum is frequently used in many versions of Jamaica’s “Planters” Punch and is also a common cooking ingredient in a variety of both sweet and savory recipes. These unique Jamaican rums not only give us a unique taste of the island but facilitate unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime.

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