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The Challenge of Family Travel in a Luxury Boutique Suite Hotel

Written by Eden Roc Cap Cana

Family travellers tend to seek the friendliest and most family friendly environment for their vacations. With hundreds of all-inclusive hotels settled in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic provides unlimited options for the guest looking for toddler friendly meals and activities.

So how does a boutique suite property known for offering meaningful experiences, peaceful states of mind and holistic rejuvenation, at the same time compete with waterparks, kid parties and rukus child entertainment. It might look like mission impossible.

At Eden Roc at Cap Cana, our marketing and communication team has early figured out a solution. There are as many types of families as there are people, and fitting all families into one category would do them all a disservice. What does a family friendly vacation look like for your ideal guest?

In our case, we took a new look at what a “family friendly” experience would look like in our property. We first had to clearly identify our strengths, in order to highlight our uniqueness and differentiate ourselves from the all-inclusives and other boutique properties. Only then would we be able to perfectly fulfill our guests and young guests’ expectations.

Currently, at the Eden Roc at Cap Cana our luxury consumer is asking for challenging adventures and opportunities to focus on immersions. Our guests long to pepper their chill vacation time with meaningful experiences. For our guest, travel is a balance between cherished family moments with loved ones and unique experiences: family time meets adventure time. Thus, our team develops on and off property exclusive experiences driven by customer’s expectations with a high degree of flexibility and custom-design, reflecting the personalities of each family. Thrill seekers, adventurers and peace seekers will find in Eden Roc at Cap Cana the best exclusive family escape from riding a zip-line in a natural high cliff to flying over variety of Dominican lush landscape in a private jet.

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