The Evolution of Email

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The Evolution of Email

Written by Scott Bacon, Miles Partnership

Hundreds of experts in all aspects of email marketing recently gathered at the Email Evolution Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, to explore new trends, technologies and innovations in Email Marketing. From content development to deliverability to SPAM compliance and more, the conference explored the complexities of people-based marketing and the consequences of a poorly deployed program. Below are five key takeaways:

  1. Deliverability is Key

It doesn’t matter what you say if nobody’s listening. According to The Relevancy Group, over 50 million email messages never reach an inbox. Issues with HTML coding, photo and text links, domain and IP reputation and more can impact your deliverability. Make sure to consistently check your bounce rate, open rate and reputation data to prevent deliverability issues.

  1. Don’t Fear the Dreaded “Unsubscribe”

Your content isn’t for everyone — and that’s okay. Make the “Unsubscribe” button easy to find within email content. Over 50% of consumers say it’s easier to mark an email as SPAM than simply unsubscribe. These SPAM complaints have a major impact on your domain reputation. Make it easy to opt-out of your email program.  

  1. Improve Your Calls to Action

Take the time to inform your audiences about the types of content they may receive. Give potential subscribers the logistics they need to make an informed decision about if they want to be a part of your email list. It can significantly improve clicks.

  1. It’s a Journey, Not a One-Off Transaction

Email is only one element of the content journey. Think three steps ahead. What happens when someone clicks? Where do they land and what will they find? What happens next? You need to create a layered journey with customized, interesting content. Optimize engagement and help your audiences uncover other interesting content. Guide them on their content journey.

  1. Focus on the Future

Email marketers must constantly innovate. The majority of email is now read on mobile devices, driving a sea change in the way we design email content. Voice activated devices like Amazon’s Alexa may soon become the platform of choice for many subscribers. How will we design email content for these systems? Take the time to focus on the future to ensure you’re delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.