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The USAID Caribbean Clean Energy Program (CARCEP) Energy Benchmarking Tool Goes Live

The CARCEP Energy Benchmarking Tool is now live and available for CHTA member access on the CHTA website. This web-based tool has been developed under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Caribbean Clean Energy Program (CARCEP), to offer Caribbean hoteliers a way to measure and compare their energy and water usage with similar hotels in different countries, with the objective of saving money through the implementation of energy and water efficiency measures.

While the tool provides valuable information for hoteliers to utilize when managing their energy and water usage and costs, as well as planning for future energy and water savings opportunities, there are limitations to this tool that should be taken into consideration. Any output information from this tool is only as good as the inputs. This tool makes every effort to accurately estimate and model hotel energy and water profiles, and in order to do this, many assumptions are made about hotel operating conditions that are not specific to each hotel. As good as any tool is, it is not a substitute for on-site inspections and real-time energy monitoring. We recommend hoteliers work with professionals to provide on-site audits and cost/savings estimates for any project before moving forward to ensure the best solutions are being implemented, and not rely solely on the outputs of this tool.

This tool is hosted on the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s (CHTA) website to allow for all members of CHTA to utilize, free of charge. The Energy Benchmarking Tool is a USAID-funded activity implemented by Deloitte Consulting LLP.

CLICK HERE to access the tool and register.

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