Training and passion vital for Hospitality

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Training and passion vital for Hospitality

It used to be that the words ‘hospitality industry’ conjured up visions of front-desk personnel, bellhops and room service but things have changed. The sector has mushroomed into the quintessential multi-functional entity with an operational side made up of front-line workers and a corporate side focused on international expansion, as well as strategic and market analysis career options. Both sides of the ‘hospitality coin’ are equally vibrant and dynamic and offer plenty of opportunities.

The industry is not only one of the largest globally but it is also the largest single employer which has been around for decades. Industry experts believe that its sustainability rivals that of many other enterprises. If you’re looking to provide others with memorable experiences and have some yourself too – you’re just the kind of person the industry is looking for.

To secure a job in this growing and rewarding sector, however, training and certification are vital requirements. The good news is acquiring the requisite skills to launch your career is readily available with a wide range of short courses, associate and bachelor degree programs in all aspects of the industry such as accommodation, culinary, transportation, adventure, travel trade, events and conferences. With certification under your belt, the world becomes your proverbial oyster.

Another sure way to clinch that internship or management position is to bring some passion to the table. Hiring managers sit up and take notice when a job seeker is fired up about the job and has a vision and a high level of enthusiasm along with their resumes. Newbies should also have a strategic plan that’s long term in scope – knowing where you want to fit in and having a

plan of how to get there is crucial. For those who have never worked in the hospitality industry before – take heart, some level of in-house training will no doubt be available. With your eyes on the prize and a good work ethic, the possibilities are endless and climbing the corporate ladder will come with time.