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Caribbean Job Bank

CHTA has created a Caribbean Job Bank with the primary mission of connecting candidates from affected destinations with gainful temporary or permanent employment. It will provide numerous employment opportunities in and out of the Caribbean, as well as direct people to properties affected by the storms that are in need of assistance.

“Tourism is the region’s largest and fastest growing sector and it employs a huge number of people with a broad set of diverse skills. This Caribbean Job Bank will help ensure as many people as possible can avail themselves of opportunities in tourism’s many areas.” said CHTA Director General and CEO Frank Comito.

The CHTA Job Bank initiative was made possible thanks to the generous support of CHTA’s membership and Tourism Cares, a nonprofit organization which partnered with CHTA to anchor the tourism industry’s hurricane recovery efforts in the Caribbean. The jobs bank is open to CHTA members and non-members wishing to list openings, and the vacancies are open to all. CLICK HERE to access the Caribbean Job Bank, search for positions or post a job.