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Exciting New Training Opportunities for Food and Beverage Professionals

Get ready for Taste of the Caribbean’s six new educational sessions created and catered for the Food and Beverage professional. These sessions will enhance your individual skills while maximizing your company’s bottom line.

  1. Global Trends – Learn the major global food trends and game changers that are shaping our industry today and projections for the coming decade. Gain insights into how these trends and opportunities apply to the Caribbean market, your businesses current operations and revenue opportunities.
  2. The Anatomy of A Menu – An effective menu connects with your customers and brands your culinary offerings in the most attractive way. Learn how a menu should be developed for optimum cost efficiency, taste and nutrition.
  3. The Art of Plating: Flavor is Just Half the Battle – Use angles, perspectives and movement to create perfectly balanced and irresistible dishes. Learn how to choose the right props for certain foods, angle the service just right to heighten the appeal and work with foods that are notoriously difficult to style.
  4. Capitalizing on the Ever-Changing Dietary Landscape – Health and wellness trends require that we meet our customer’s culinary needs and interests, while preparing meals that are savory and healthy. Learn everything from proper nutrient identification to food selection and preparation techniques, to working with locally sourced ingredients and non-traditional ingredients.
  5. Road to Profit Improvement: Cost Control and Purchasing – Food cost plays a major role in any food and beverage operation success or failure.  Learn the factors that have the most impact on your bottom line or what to look for to determine if you have a food cost problem.
  6. Technology In The Food And Beverage Industry – Current trends in food service technologies. Emphasis is placed on emerging technologies used in the industry from both a managerial and strategic perspective.

Click here to register for #CHTATaste2016 to enhance your talents, network with the Caribbean food and beverage industry’s decision makers, and see the culinary competition of the year unfold.

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