Exclusive Travel Insurance Benefits for CHTA Members

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Exclusive Travel Insurance Benefits for CHTA Members

Travel should be fun and relaxing. But what if something happens? What if one of your guests or one of their family members becomes sick? What if one of their bags is lost or stolen? Or if they need to cancel their vacation due to an emergency? Travel insurance can protect your guest, as well as your hotel, from the unforeseen.

The ability to offer your guests travelers insurance, directly on your booking path, provides your hotel unique benefits:

  • Your property is paid an administrative fee for every policy sold.
  • You get more direct bookings because guests are less hesitant to make the investment in their vacation if it is insured.
  • You are able to easily enforce your cancellation policy
  • You provide your staff with the support they need to properly handle unexpected cancellations.

Through CHTA’s partnership with Trip Mate’s TripAssure division, we have created a CHTA Member Exclusive Travel Protection Plan that includes a pre-existing medical conditions waiver. The plan will allow your guests to protect their travel investments, belongings and most importantly their health and wellbeing, for those unforeseen circumstances that may arise before or during their trip. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, CLICK HERE for more information or contact Kelly P. Sahner at