From Dreamer to Entrepreneur – Quenten Harms, the Beach Rental Guy

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From Dreamer to Entrepreneur – Quenten Harms, the Beach Rental Guy

Written by Christopher Snijders, CHATA

Quenten Harms is the perfect example of striving to make tourism bigger. Where others saw just a breathtaking view with aquamarine colors, Quenten saw potential for a booming business. This island boy of just 21 years old came up with the idea to start his own business renting out beach equipment at some of Curaçao’s most rural and untouched beaches located at Banda Bou. His affinity with tourism and the flora of Curaçao drove him to realizing his dream and keep pushing forward.

It all started with the renting out of some small diving equipment at various beaches. But later on, he started to notice that there are more opportunities for expanding his services. It is than that Quenten took the next step by  renting out beach chairs, parasols and more beach equipment such as transparent kayaks.  This young-man’s business is the true definition of high-quality service and innovative products. His strive to making tourism bigger and stronger is impeccable and contagious.

What fills him with joy is seeing how tourists from all over the world come to experience what Curaçao has to offer and how locals use the beach to come together and have a pleasant time. A day at the beach is much more than just relaxing. For him it’s about bringing people together and making people appreciate & value mother nature.

In just a couple of years Quenten was able to start such a lucrative business. So, who knows what more he is going to achieve in the upcoming years? All we know is that this young man is becoming day by day a stronger pillar for the maintaining and developing of Curaçao’s Tourism.