You Only have 5 Days Left to Apply for a CHTAEF Scholarship!

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You Only have 5 Days Left to Apply for a CHTAEF Scholarship!

There are three compelling reasons why you should advise your employees, friends and family wishing to further their education in the hospitality industry to apply for a Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Education Foundation 2017 scholarship:

  • You Are Building a Better Workforce – essential to your business’s success.
  • Your Are Demonstrating Goodwill – by bringing awareness to scholarships that are available thanks to the tourism industry’s support of the foundation.
  • Your Company and Industry are Looked Upon Favorably by Government, Educators, and the Community – as you help to publicize both the scholarship program and scholarship recipients, you build goodwill towards your company and the industry.

All applications must be signed by the National Hotel and Tourism Association Executive or their designee and reviewed for completeness. Applications received without a signature or incomplete risk being rejected.  All Scholarship Applications must be received by CHTA Education Foundation (CHTAEF) no later than April 15, 2018. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.