Sandals Injects Over $106,000 in Environment Conservation Initiative

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Sandals Injects Over $106,000 in Environment Conservation Initiative

Written by Sandals Foundation
The Sandals Foundation in Saint Lucia has injected more than EC$106,000 or US$40,000 in a two-year partnership with Fauna and Flora International (FFI) in a bid to deliver effective conservation practices in the island.The partnership will see the protection and preservation of the endangered Lansan (or incense) tree, unique to Saint Lucia and the Windward Islands. The Lansan tree has become victim to deforestation and overexploitation for its aromatic white resin – a prized incense used in churches, masquerades, and households.

Some 60 percent of Saint Lucians are said to use Lansan for spiritual, recreational and economical purposes. In its new alliance, the Sandals Foundation and FFI will look to engage and educate local communities to protect and use the Lansan tree in a sustainable manner while also embracing its significance to local culture and lively hoods. The overall goal of the undertaking is to ensure that Lansan production is fully sustainable in Saint Lucia and provide significant economic and cultural benefits without endangering wild populations of Lansan trees. Director of Programs for the Sandals Foundation Heidi Clarke said this initiative is one of the most significant in the arena of environmental protection and awareness ever undertaken by the Sandals Foundation.