Stand Out as a Thought Leader!

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Stand Out as a Thought Leader!

What is thought leadership? Thought leadership is that invaluable and intangible asset that assures your guests and your peers that you have answers to their challenges and that you provide undisputable value. It makes you more marketable to your customers, aspirational to your peers and a leader in your industry.

Become a thought leader by sharing your knowledge and expertise with your fellow hoteliers by submitting your nominations for the CHIEF Awards and bolster your thought leadership in the Caribbean.

CLICK HERE to complete the nomination form. A panel of judges representing top industry professionals in their respective areas will review all nominations and make their selections. The judging panel represents different countries and geographic regions, as well as different professional backgrounds, including the private sector, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and government, to reflect the multi-stakeholder engagement in Travel & Tourism. We encourage visuals, videos, charts, graphs, etc. to be included to support the nomination.

  • Nominations Deadline: April 20, 2018
  • Finalists will be announced: May 8, 2018