The 25 Best Tourism Websites In The World in 2016

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The 25 Best Tourism Websites In The World in 2016

Editors at Skift write “Choosing the world’s best tourism websites is more difficult in 2016 than it was the last time we picked our favorites in 2013, but that’s not because there are so many better online experiences today in the destination marketing world. It’s more challenging because tourism bureaus are all simplifying their websites on the front-end. Bells and whistles are getting thrown out in favor of load times and intuitive user experience. The internal engines of today’s most modern tourism sites feature much more intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) platforms than a couple years ago. They’re capable of generating endless amounts of data analytics for strategizing content, developing more targeted partner promotions, and creating in-depth reporting. Click here to read about the best tourism websites according to Skift.