Flexible Design for Meeting Spaces

Written by OBM International Resort and hotel design is changing to accommodate the next evolution of the traveler. Properties are becoming more focused on how the design of their space can be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of events, depending on the travelers needs. Shared amenity space design now includes lobbies that double as […]

Is the Sustainable Hotel Industry More Relevant Than Ever?

It’s inevitable that the tourism industry contributes to carbon emissions and the slow-burning effects of climate change, whether it’s through airline travel, on-ground transportation, hotel operation, or food wastage. In fact, air traffic emissions alone contribute to about five percent of global warming, and the figure is expected to rise significantly with the increasing volume […]

Know How Guide to Sustainable Hotel Certification Schemes

This Know How Guide offers an introduction to sustainability certification for hotels. It will help you understand why you might seek certification and the key performance areas for sustainable hotel certification, as well as giving an overview of some of the most common certifications. In addition, this guide includes a spreadsheet that allows you to […]

Learn your ABC’s: Tell Me What You Do in 30 Seconds

In a digital era, building one-on-one relationships and networking is as important as it ever was. It is a clear and easy way to stand out amongst the digital din. People don’t do business with business, they do business with people. The personal interaction is essential to business. That is why we encourage our members […]

4 Tips for Travel Marketers to Become Socially Savvy

By Sojern’s Catlyn Origitano There’s no denying social media’s success in driving travelers to dream, book, and stay. The Caribbean especially can benefit from an exceptional social media strategy—pictures of beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts can drive travelers to push that ‘purchase’ button. But social isn’t just for selling. If you want to get socially […]

The 3 Social Media Insights You Need to Know from Your Guest’s Data

Written by Local Measure Did you know that… Influencers and travel bloggers user generated content can motivate travel behaviour and build brand loyalty There is a 40% higher probability of turning guests into social advocates when you interact and engage with them during stay Location data can surface up 4 x times more feedback from […]

Let’s Get Social!

Written by HCP Aboard Publishing Digital marketing is constantly growing and evolving, especially when it comes to hospitality management. Here in the Caribbean, hotel brands are changing the game in digital marketing and social media in some of the most innovative ways. Here’s how: Mobile. Did you know that an average of 21% of hotel […]

The 25 Best Tourism Websites In The World in 2016

Editors at Skift write “Choosing the world’s best tourism websites is more difficult in 2016 than it was the last time we picked our favorites in 2013, but that’s not because there are so many better online experiences today in the destination marketing world. It’s more challenging because tourism bureaus are all simplifying their websites […]

Google Adds Hotel Deal And Flight Tracking Features

It’s clear that Google wants to do more than just help you figure out when to use “affect” and “effect” or find the best spaghetti bolognese recipe: in the past few years it has launched Google Flights, which lets users keep track of routes or itineraries and see how price fluctuates over time, and Google […]