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Learn your ABC’s: Tell Me What You Do in 30 Seconds

In a digital era, building one-on-one relationships and networking is as important as it ever was. It is a clear and easy way to stand out amongst the digital din. People don’t do business with business, they do business with people. The personal interaction is essential to business. That is why we encourage our members to not only attend CHTA events for their educational value and promotional brand exposure, but to meet one-on-one with each other and forge relationships. The Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF) taking place September 30- October 2 in Puerto Rico offers ample opportunities to stretch your networking muscle.

As effective as networking is however, there is one major hurdle one must overcome in order succeed at one-on-one marketing: getting past the first 30-seconds. Can you peak a prospect’s interest in less than 30 seconds? Can you convey what your company does and, more importantly, why it is so important to your prospect in half a minute?

Your company’s 30 second commercial or audible business card (ABC) is one of the most valuable marketing tools your company can have. The perfect ABC is composed of four elements:

  1. AN ACTION VERB: I create unique vacation experiences in An action verb such as show, train, coach, mentor, administer, teach, facilitate, etc.
  2. A TARGET MARKET: for the luxury traveler
    Your target market can be any category of people that you’re looking to attract of course.  So if you’re looking to attract small business owners, small business owners would be the category of people that insert into that formula.  It is very important to correctly identify your target market.
  3. A BENEFIT: to escape from their ordinary lives
    What benefit do you offer? If you provide financial service, the benefit might be securing financial future.
  4. “SO THEY CAN”: so they can recharge and have unforgettable moments.
    This will be a more personal benefit.  The personal benefit that your professional benefit provides.  For example, if you’re in the financial services, you may show people who to secure their financial future as I’ve mentioned. I show people how to secure their financial future so they can sleep better at night being more of a personal benefit from your professional benefit.

I create unique vacation experiences in USVI for the luxury traveler to escape from their ordinary lives, so they can recharge and have unforgettable moments.

Now that you have your 30 second commercial ready, take the time to practice it. Plan ahead for CHIEF, and get ready to practice your ABC.

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