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The Caribbean Contemporary Cuisine Cookbook

Over the last 20 years the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association has sought to raise the profile of the Caribbean’s food culture. While many have explored the frontiers of contemporary Caribbean cuisine, both national and expatriate chefs, the concept of a unique, modern and accessible cuisine has never really taken hold in the minds of the public.

To achieve this important goal of recognition, we must provide ourselves and the upcoming apprentices and students with a lexicon of the best and mostly inspirational examples of this new cuisine. We must provide for all those we seek to educate, a definitive and exemplary text that will clearly define the concept and fire the imagination, causing the chefs and cooks of tomorrow to build on this foundation and institutionalize our region’s cuisine.

Such a monumental task cannot be achieved by one person. It will take a region of chefs, working together in collegiate brotherhood to scratch the surface. We have an opportunity now, in a cost-effective way to achieve a work that can stand as testament to all.
Let it be in the Caribbean that we define Caribbean cuisine. Let us not leave it to others to tell the world who we are.

Bill Moore, the founding father of Taste of the Caribbean, has made it his mission to see the creation of this book to its conclusion, and finish the work started by Andre Niederhauser before his untimely death. A passion project to consolidate over 20 years of Taste of the Caribbean history into a Culinary textbook for food and beverage professionals and students, both in the Caribbean and beyond.

The goal is to create our own book that illustrates the Caribbean’s definition of what Modern Caribbean Cuisine is; to illustrate how this cuisine, built on the foundations of the classics and enhanced by our bountiful Caribbean market basket, is a strong ally in creating a unique Caribbean tourism product.

We ask for your support to make this dream a reality, by donating and actively endorsing and promoting the funding of this book. A group of chefs have come together to build of Andre Neiderhauser’s effort and dreams to codify the contributions made by chefs at Taste of the Caribbean so that it can be used to unite the region’s disparate to promote a unique culinary style and to provide a tool for the education of young professionals.

The Deadline to Support this Initiative is now less that 30 Days Away…

CLICK ON THIS LINK, to support and help raise funds to pay for the developmental cost of the projects. The chef’s will donate their time, but funds are needed for menu testing and production. We have six weeks to achieve this goal, but I have no doubt with your support, in promoting this effort this can become a reality.

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