The Hospitality Industry – the exciting role of a Concierge

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The Hospitality Industry – the exciting role of a Concierge

In today’s volatile economic climate, acquiring that dream job may be turning into a nightmare. But, could the hospitality industry come to the rescue with the opportunity to dream even bigger? Some industry professionals say the answer is yes, especially for technology enthusiasts.

If you’re a job seeker looking to market your ‘tech’ skills while having fun doing it, then becoming a concierge could be the answer. Typically, a concierge’s role is one of personal assistant to guests during their hotel stay, doing such tasks as booking dinner reservations, getting tickets for various events and arranging transport, but that’s just the rudiments of the position. The job of a concierge is certainly more than it used to be and seems poised to become even more dynamic.

Technology has brought a whole new face to this role and the concierge of today is being seen as the ‘go to guy’ not only in terms of being an ambassador of the city but also the one who is adept at using social media to get the job done. This new reality has amped-up the role of the concierge especially in an age where just about everything is expected in real time. While the human face will always be required, experts predict that the marrying of the roles with technology may soon see apps being used to link with guest on a 24-hour basis during their stay.

These days, there seems to be a growing preference by guests to pay for the experiential rather than spend on merely material items and the concierge must not only make it happen but go beyond what is expected. With guests coming from diverse backgrounds, traditions and speaking different languages, the concierge must also skillfully maneuver the role of a multinational diplomat while being mindful of varying sensibilities. In the hospitality industry, going the extra mile is the order of the day and the concierge has to look for ways to make every moment count – today, technology is playing an increasing role in doing just that.