We Are Family: Top Family Travel Trends of 2017

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We Are Family: Top Family Travel Trends of 2017

Research presented at the Family Travel Association Summit revealed the most popular region for family travel in 2017 is forecasted to be the Caribbean and Central America, with Europe close behind. Nowadays, families are traveling together on multi-generational trips to celebrate milestones, explore new destinations or just get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Below are the top three family travel trends to look for in 2017, according to the Family Travel Association experts.

1. Disconnect to Reconnect

Modern families yearn for the time and ability to reconnect with each other, especially in the US market where both adults and children tend to be chronically overbooked. According to findings from the American Academy of Pediatrics, American children spend much less time playing outside versus an average of seven hours a day on entertainment media, including phones, computers, televisions and other digital devices. Parents are opting for meaningful outdoor experiences for their children, and a number of companies are creating nature-based vacations. This is an opportunity for hotels to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating unique outdoor adventure packages that are child and senior friendly, and are filled with local culture and history.

2.  Experience New Cultures

A study presented at the Family Travel Association Summit revealed that over half of parents want to expose children to new destinations and cultures. Travel should be an essential part of every child’s education, and an important way to understand diverse people, cultures and differences. And taking kids to an international destination is a perfect way to broaden and elevate their global perspectives.

3. FamilyMoons

A new trend that has merged two very profitable vertical markets for the hospitality industry, are family inclusive honeymoons or anniversary vacations. Blended families are now turning their honeymoons into a family affair by bringing along their children and in some case their wedding party as well. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only provide unique vacation packages and upgrades, but to build a lifelong customer loyalty. Your property will now be forever linked with the birth of this new family. Treat it as the uniquely special occasion it is.

Wonderful examples of activity packages that encompass the needs of the multi-generational family are:

  • Swim-up movies: where you can watch flicks while floating in the pool)
  • Arts Camp: take the family to a local artist’s gallery and make your own art on premises
  • Dance Classes on the Beach
  • Guided Kayak Trips
  • Beachside Massages
  • Explore Nature Conservatories in the area