Cómo un Servicio o Atracción Puede Ejercer una Gran Influencia en los Huéspedes Jóvenes

Por OBM International Ahora que las generaciones jóvenes pasan más y más tiempo conectadas a la tecnología no es sorprendente que muchos padres usan las vacaciones como una oportunidad de apagar los dispositivos y explorar alternativas más educativas y vivenciales.  Los hoteles que logran satisfacer este deseo ofreciendo servicios especiales que giran alrededor del entretenimiento […]

Know Your Families: ADARA Family Travel Data

Knowing how families plan trips, when they are looking to travel, and what activities are important to them allows you to better inform your marketing strategy to reach family travelers. ADARA, the world’s travel data co-op, has recently released findings around family travel trends and behaviors. When compared to solo and couple travelers, families take […]

Inspired Design with Kids in Mind: How one Amenity Can Make a Big Impact on Your Youngest Guests

Written by OBM International With younger generations spending more and more time on technology-related experiences it is not surprising that many parents are using vacations as an opportunity to power off devices and explore more experiential and educational alternatives. Hotels that accommodate this desire with specialty amenities centered around youth entertainment make a big impact […]

Family Travel Trends Revealed from Sojern’s Collaboration with Google

Written by Catlyn Origitano, Sojern From Search Engine to Booking Engine: Sojern’s 2017 Hotel Report uncovers the path to purchase for hotel guests. By teaming up with Google, Sojern’s report offers an unprecedented look across devices, from their start at a search engine down to their final booking. We’ve highlighted the report’s most interesting family-specific […]

Las Familias Anhelan Pasar las Fiestas en el Caribe

Por Catlyn Origitano, Sojern Quizás no lo queremos admitir, pero es tiempo de darle la bienvenida a la temporada festiva y a la cantidad de viajes que genera.  Para poder determinar el flujo de los viajes al Caribe durante la temporada festiva, nosotros aquí en Sojern analizamos con anticipación la planificación de viajes en diciembre […]

Families Clamor to the Caribbean for the Holidays

By Catlyn Origitano, Sojern We may not want to admit it, but it’s time to look forward to the holidays and the burst of travel that comes with it. In order to take the temperature on Caribbean holiday travel, we here at Sojern looked forward to December travel planning from the US to the Caribbean, […]

Developing a Lifelong Love of Travel

Written by Rainer Jenss, President & Founder, Family Travel Association   Think back to your very first memory.  Got it?  If you’re like most – 62%, in fact – that remembrance will be from a time spent on vacation.   I happily fall into that majority.  As a child, I had the good fortune of having […]