Las Familias Anhelan Pasar las Fiestas en el Caribe

Por Catlyn Origitano, Sojern Quizás no lo queremos admitir, pero es tiempo de darle la bienvenida a la temporada festiva y a la cantidad de viajes que genera.  Para poder determinar el flujo de los viajes al Caribe durante la temporada festiva, nosotros aquí en Sojern analizamos con anticipación la planificación de viajes en diciembre […]

Families Clamor to the Caribbean for the Holidays

By Catlyn Origitano, Sojern We may not want to admit it, but it’s time to look forward to the holidays and the burst of travel that comes with it. In order to take the temperature on Caribbean holiday travel, we here at Sojern looked forward to December travel planning from the US to the Caribbean, […]

EDUCATION SELLS: How to Use Education Marketing To Increase Your Revenue

It is an age old adage: customers buy from people they like. While we don’t usually buy from people we dislike, there is one more dimension to this old saying. We buy from people we like and trust. Does this also apply when someone is deciding where to go on vacation? Absolutely. When a guest […]